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Finding Food in Fowey

fowey food week

If we are totally honest, finding food in Fowey is not a difficult task. Our little town has so much to offer everyone - gourmand and gourmet alike.

In March, just as the town start to wake up after winter, Fowey hosts the annual Food Week. A popular culinary event where you get to ‘eat your way around the world without leaving Fowey’. 


Foodie Fowey 

With an abundance of deliciously wonderful food choices, Fowey is the perfect place to host a food festival. Bakeries for fresh bread like Quay’s Bakery are a must for breakfast.

Our neighbour Brown Sugar is the perfect coffee spot, choices for pasties are endless, Readymoney Beach Shop means you can even enjoy a pastie with a view. The streets of Fowey offer fine dining at Fitzroy and Appleton's and the tasty, menu at Sam’s.

Perhaps most importantly, there are several exciting places to get your ice cream fix too.

sams in fowey

Fowey Food Week 2024

The concept of Fowey Food Week is ‘food from around the world’ by which each participant will create a new menu item that embodies their chosen country's cuisine.

The meals curated by each participant are sold at a fixed price of £12 at restaurants and £7 at cafes. These brilliant prices are not the only incentive to enjoy the food week: after collecting three stamps on your FFW passport you can be entered into the Grand Prize Draw!

Following are the list of some of the participating restaurants and cafes:

  • Sunny Spice (China) 
  • Havener's (Jamaica)
  • Dwelling House (Vietnam)
  • Brown Sugar (Italy)
  • Safe Harbour (France)
  • Readymoney Beach Shop (Austria) 
  • John's Wines & Spirits
  • Sam's (Thailand)
  • Fowey River Trading (Tunisia)
  • Lugger Inn, Polruan (Mexico)
  • Lugger Inn, Fowey (Cornwall)

esplanade fowey

We love the concept of Fowey food week and we hope to see many of you enjoying our local food places between 2 - 9 March, 2024. Collect three or more stamps on your FFW passport and drop it into Pebble & Salt shop. 

Bon Appetit!