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The Rise of Vegan Candles

a semi circle of vegan scented candles

One of our best sellers throughout the seasons is our range of scented candles with glass holder. Sustainably made and hand poured in the UK, this range of vegan candles provides subtle scents of winter warmth as well as fresh and light scents inspired by the coast and countryside. 

Although most of us are looking forward to the warmth of longer days, the reality is we are still amidst dark evenings and cold snaps in which candles ignite a huge comfort within our homes. For many of us scented candles also keep their place in our homes through the transition into sunshine and longer days.

Wicked candles have been used since the ancient Romans dipped rolled papyrus repeatedly in melted tallow or beeswax; but with an evolution of the use of candles, we have also developed the materials used to create them. 

rows of colourful candle boxes

Are vegan candles better for you and your home? 

You may have seen the statement ‘plant based’ appearing on candles and questioned its importance. Where candles used to be made from rendered animal fat they tend to be made using paraffins now.

Paraffin candles are popular for their excellent scent throw, but their emissions are not all flowers and perfume. These candles release toxic fumes with traces of poisonous chemicals.

Plant based candles, made from naturally sourced oils such as soya or rapeseed, have a cleaner burn. So really, the plant based label is an important one, and there are several reasons why you may consider making a more conscious choice when buying candles. 


Better for the environment 

Not only are plant based candles better for our homes in terms of health, in an age of environmental awareness, we shouldn’t have to implicate the environment for fragranced rooms.

Many manufacturers have also abandoned palm oil as an ingredient due to its major role in deforestation.

Companies with sustainability at the forefront of their ethos, will carefully select ingredients with the least damaging life cycles. Such ingredients being soya, coconut and rapeseed wax. 


The Webb Street Range

Webb Street's range of vegan scented candles are plant based and sustainably made and poured in the UK. With our heritage, country, winter and coastal ranges you can find scents that will spread a warm and cosy ambience throughout the seasons.  


illustrated candle boxes for sea sage and sea grass candles