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Winter scent candle
Winter scent candle

Winter Scent | Natural Plant Wax Candle

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The Winter Scent wax candle exudes a delightful, festive scent of spiced oranges, making your home warm and inviting on those chilly winter evenings. Vegan friendly with a cotton wick, an eco friendly alternative with a longer and cleaner burn. A beautifully presented candle, which arrives complete with an illustrated box and matching glass jar - perfect for gifting.

Candle Size
Burntime - Approx 45 hrs 
Candle dimension: Height 8.4 cm x Diameter 7 cm
Wax weight: 180g
Capacity - 20 cl

Candle Features 

  • Burn cleanly hardly any soot produced
  • Vegan, no animal-derived ingredients
  • Fine quality essential and fragrance oils
  • Long burning times
  • Made in the UK
  • Eco friendly
  • Cotton wicks used with a paper core